Identifying Your Photos

Photograph Types

Identifying Features

Several noticeable features in old photos will help to you to identify them.
Consider the following:

For the Ladies
For the Gentlemen
Unknown man
Identifying the type of photo as above can begin the process of dating the picture. By consulting fashion and grooming trends, many photographs can be identified for dates within a very few years. Consult the web for costume dating and grooming trends. Carefully inspect the photographs for clues such as photographer's identity and added markings such as dates and names. Many photographers can be studied to find out the period within which they offered their services. Jewelry, watches and other accessories can often be dated.  Question relatives, do they recognize anyone in the image? Don't forget to consider ethnic cultural origins.  If you have more than one photo of an individual, attempt to use multiple pictures to add up the clues. You can also compare photos to cataloged images for date and style comparisons.
There are many good books available, follow this link to Amazon if you would like to check out an excellent book on this subject.

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