Sharing with Family and Friends


Genealogists are very sharing, caring individuals. Join up with fellow genealogists in chat sessions, on message boards (forums), in genealogical and historical societies, on mailing lists, or by volunteering your time to help others. Learn more about or join one of the well-respected genealogical organizations where you can meet fellow researchers, make new friends, stay up to date with the latest events in the genealogical community, learn new techniques, take advantage of unique research collections, exchange information with others, and help to preserve important historical records in your community. You may wish to lecture on specific topics in which you have gained expertise. There can be additional sources of information come to light as you learn more about a particular area as a volunteer. A reciprocal arrangement with relatives and friends to share data can save a lot of time in adding to your genealogical roots, origins and family history. You can get a warm and fuzzy feeling knowing that you have helped someone achieve some of their goals.


It would not be worth the effort to gather all this information about your family without stopping occasionally to enjoy the fruits of your labour. Create slide shows, scrapbooks and tell stories that you have learned about your family history, there are many ways to share. During family reunions, get-togethers and at those seasonal holiday times, sharing what you have found is very rewarding and may even lead to additional family history and genealogical information.

Start a webpage, one of the best means to find other researchers that are seraching your roots. Distant cousins will find your page and share information with you.

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