Good Housekeeping

With all the papers, books, photographs documents and family histories that you have or will have accumulated, take some time to organize and store them for easy access. Acquire a filing cabinet and book shelving to store your valuable finds. Not only will this ultimately save time (going back to check references or for refining your research) but it can in itself be a rewarding experience revisiting the results of your efforts.

We live in a much safer world than did our ancestors. Consider what would happen if your home lost all of its contents through fire or some other natural disaster. Would your paper files and electronic data be backed up?

Do not forget to backup all the data that you have on your computer. Backups should be performed in such a manner as to save that which you cannot replace should you lose the primary source. Various methods and systems are available for backing up your data. Consider that what you have today may be a small amount of data to backup, but tomorrow you may have a lot more. There are a few different effective ways to backup. My data at present consists of more than 200Gb, yes that is 200, 000, 000, 000 characters of data (does not include software of which I have the originals). It would take approximately 50 DVD's to store all that data.

With digital photography now becomming the norm, it is important that you have a way to back up these precious moments in time.

Create or find a backup strategy that allows you to continue to upgrade your data, but, also enables you to keep your backup current.

Here are some methods you can use to backup your data:

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