Using Computers in Genealogy

Using computers in genealogy today is almost a requirement. The large amount of information you will quickly gather can easily be organized with the use of a computer. First we must look at a computer to do the work. A new or recently purchased computer will be more than adequate. Even an older machine may do the job. Laptops are a favourite with genealogists, they offer the portability for bringing along your data on research excursions. Operating systems are not too important unless you plan to use software that has a minimum requirement for the latest operating system. Then look for available family tree software programs that can help you organize, store and present your data. Family tree software programs come in a number of flavours from basic to advanced and from free to purchased products. It may make a lot of sense to begin with a fully functional free family tree software program until such times as you begin to appreciate the additional features that you may want in your family tree software program and before you have to pay for it. The data you store in these free programs can easily be exported into a GEDCOM file which can then be imported into a different family tree software program that you may purchase.

Here are some of the advantages to using computers in genealogy with a family tree program:

Some advantages beyond using computers in genealogy include:

Two free programs available for download from the internet are PAF and Legacy. You may also wish to visit their websites for tutorial information (PAF Instructions and Legacy Instructions). Both programs are excellent, PAF and Legacy are free to use and fully functional and the upgrade to Legacy Deluxe is reasonably priced..

After using any of these free programs or similar, you can then migrate to another family tree software program that you have purchased to obtain the results that you prefer. Legacy Deluxe is considered to be one of the best family tree programs.

Advanced features for using computers in genealogy may include:

Many more products are available and a search of Google will produce a considerable choice. You may wish to choose from those offered in the right panel of this page or in our Shopping section.

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